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Finest Design Nest provides a great solution for meeting room & office rental in Hong Kong. Our common area, rooms and meeting area are well-equipped with amenities that facilitate work. Book a tour and get to know more.

Benefits of Renting an Office Space

A workplace or an office space usually reflects what your business is all about. When your clients and customers visit your office, they would be expecting to see your professionalism reflecting in your office and will be analyzing your standing accordingly. Also, at an office, you create your work environment which affects you and other aspects of your business. While having a nice office gives you an opportunity to grow your business and improve workplace productivity, getting a suitable office can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking for small businesses or new startups. So it becomes more important to look for other options, mainly office rental Hong Kong, which can be the best choice for small businesses. Finest Nest Design offers great office rental and meeting room rental Hong Kong solutions for its customers. Let’s have a look at the benefits of

1. Right business location

With the rising competition, trying to find and secure office space with the best business location can be very expensive. When setting up an office, location plays a vital role for any business as it makes an impact on not only how easily clients and customers can you’re your office, but if it allows the employees to arrive there easily to work every day. On the other hand, office rental spaces are available more and can be afforded without much difficulty within your business budget. Many office rental service providers such as Finest Nest Design offers amenities needed at an office space. Moreover, there are high chances of getting office rentals in prime business locations to attract more clients and customers.

2. Easy handling

In case you manage to buy your own office space, that won’t be the end of troubles for you and your business. You would need to set up your office, buy equipment, get a phone connection, get furniture, prepare a meeting room, and more. All things put together can be very time consuming and might distract you from starting an office and keep it running. With office and meeting room rentals, things are a lot easier to handle. Usually, rental office spaces come completely equipped with the furnishing, phone and internet set up, and the provider might even set up a coffee machine for you and your employees. The rental company handles almost everything so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

3. Allow flexibility

Buying an office space means you are mostly stuck with the size of your office. In case your business is enjoying great success and you want to expand your business, you would also have to hire more employees. And it might become difficult to set them up in your current office. On the other hand, if your business is not doing so well and you would have to let go of some of your staff, it might result in a waste of office space. When you own a business office, you have limited options on how to handle the space, unless of course, you decide to see the current office and get a new one. But that would also be very time consuming and costly. Thus, office rentals are a better choice to go with.

Finest Nest Design offers great meeting room rental Hong Kong and office rental Hong Kong solutions with amenities such as a community space, unlimited Wi-Fi, receptionist, refreshment, file storage facility, lounge, and more. Everything is accessible in top quality and shape.

Common Area

The Rooms

Meeting Area

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Common Area

The Rooms

Meeting Area


Our Community Space, the heart of our nest where members can hang out and collaborate. Spacious and easily adaptable, it is excellent for events or promotional launches, with room for up to 100 people. Strikingly attractive surrounds generate a creative and positive atmosphere.

82% of the Finest Design Nest is set aside for client meetings, networking, events and talks.


If you are a Hot Desk Member this is where your creativity will happen. Got a favourite seat? Just book before you arrive to make sure you get it.

The Hot Desk area is perfect for individual designers who need a work station but not a space in a private room. It is a very collaborative space, brilliant for networking, and a great place to bring clients to make a professional impression.

You can rent the Boardroom when you need it, and you have 2 free hours a month to use The Drawing Room included your membership.


Area Membership Space is ideal for individual designers
seeking a relaxed environment to work and meet.

No workstation but large area of choice for daily working. Limited to 48 members. Spacious and stimilating environment for every member.

Great amenties and support available to make work easy and pleasurable. Rent of The Drawing Room or Boardroom at good rate.


Step out of the busy city and into the peace and quiet of the Finest Design Nest.

You can immediately sense that your creativity can flourish here. Follow beautiful bird motifs to your place of work and enjoy the latest European lighting schemes and furniture.

You will find exclusive designer furniture throughout: Aper from Italy, Bolia from Denmark, Framery from Finland and HAG from Norway.


Need time out, or a place to relax with a “bring your own” lunch? Perhaps watch the news on a wide screen TV here from the big comfortable Bolia sofa?

The Lounge is well equipped with Miele appliances and an ELKAY water station.


The Forum is the perfect place for informal meetings, stimulating conversations and group work.


The Link is designed for chats or exchanging ideas over coffee. You can also make calls from the private “Framery” phone booths imported from Finland.


Hanging vines, potted plants, and a gentle green and blue theme makes The Lookout a relaxing place for reflection and conversation.


Take a break from sitting.

Use one of the exercise bikes to give your mind a break and give your body a good workout.


A furnished private room for up to three members. We have created bright ultra-modern rooms with ergonomically designed furniture and built in storage space by Finest Office Furniture.

The natural lighting scheme is by Armetide. Versatile sliding desk means you can change your working space easily.

You can configure your tables to collaborate or concentrate: simply slide two together and work together facing each other – or slide desks apart and work individually.


A furnished private room for up to four members. The Quad Rooms are bright, ultra-modern and spacious. Ergonomically designed furniture designed By Finest Office Furniture combines with clever built in storage space.

The natural lighting scheme is by Armetide. Versatile sliding desk enables you and your team to collaborate or to concentrate.

Another great feature of the Quad room is the latest height adjustable desks which means you can sit or stand as you work. You can adjust the height at the press of a button.


An impressive space for our members to hold meetings or talks for up to 30 people.

It has an in-wall cabinet to display products and an innovative step-seat design.


The drawing room features a full height drawing wall to get creative and strategic on.

It comfortably seats 8 people.


The Workshop can accommodate several discussion groups at the same time. It's the perfect place for a causal meeting and discussing work in progress. 

Resource library provides you diverse information and resource you need.



Everything you need to do great work.

Copy & Print
Receptionist Support
Nearby Modelling Workshop
NAS File Storage
Mailboxes & Lockers
Drawing Room
Bike Storage
Unlimited Wifi
All Amenities
  • Copy & Print
  • Refreshment
  • Unlimited Wifi
  • Finest Setting
  • The Lounge
  • Drawing Room
  • Workshop
  • Mail Box & locker
  • Nam Portt
  • Nam Portt