A: We welcome designers from various design disciplines. Please fill in our enrollment form and make a submission together with your portfolio.
A: Our philosophy at Finest Design Nest is to Share, Connect and Achieve. We welcome designers who reflect this philosophy and will be happy working alongside their peers at FDN.
A: FDN is an activity-based co-working space. Our activities and talks are held to offer potential opportunities and communication occasions for members.

We value the privacy of our members, therefore, to minimize any disturbance, particularly to those working in the common area, we opt to schedule events after 5 p.m. on weekdays, or on the weekends.

Furthermore, activities will be clearly notified through in-house groups in advance.
A: We have 4 standard membership plans. For more details please download these plans from our website.
A: Please click the BOOK A TOUR button. You will receive confirmation within one working day.
A: FDN is closed during non-office hours,i.e.: Saturday and public holiday. Special arrangements can be made upon request. This subjects to an extra service charge.
A: Innospot Modelling Workshop is a well-established workshop located within a 5-min walk to an adjacent building. Innospot provides machinery and tools for model-makers and designers. As a member of FDN, you will have privileged access to these facilities.
A: Depending on the membership plans, each member is entitled to a number of DAY PASS free of charge. For further details, please contact us.
A: Only room members are offered IP telephones and dedicated phone numbers. Note, phone calls are restricted to local calls only.
A: Yes. Our FDN reception will receive and redirect mail/parcels. Should you wish for your mail/parcels to be collected by your preferred couriers, please register this at reception.
A: In addition to our primary optic fiber broadband line, we have another backup line installed for an immediate reconnection. Both of our internet service providers are extremely reliable.
A: Yes, it is attached to the membership agreement in the appendix. You can also refer to the electronic copy on this page below.
A: Please refer to the clause #5.5 and #9.1 of the “Membership Agreement”.
A: Yes, there are some area do not opened to members. We will instruct you while you rent our space.
A: “Finest Safe Storage” is one of our amenities. FDN Members will be able to rent one or more of the lockable compartments, available from our centralized compactor system. They are accessible through a door in the lounge, to a neighboring unit.
A: Smoking has been banned from 1st January 2007 under the government's revised Smoking Ordinance. Hence, smoking within FDN is strictly prohibited.
A: Consumption of food and beverages is being restricted to the lounge area at the round table.
A: There is a carpark shown in our map. For details, please refer to the Contact Us page.
A: Reorganizing of any furniture setup within the rooms is strictly forbidden.
A: FDN will be entitled to compensation for any damage to the facilities, including the painted walls.
A: You may contact the FDN staff via their cell phone. Contact information can be found on the “Membership Agreement”.
A: We have CCTV cameras installed in the common area. These are strictly for visual recording only. Should you wish to check the locations and the visual ranges, please check with our staff at reception.
A: The address of FDN is strongly prohibited for personal use. Also, under The HKSAR laws, all FDN members must provide FDN with personal information such as their certified electricity or telephone bills, to certify that FDN has an updated home address.
A: A Drawing wall is available, located in the drawing room. A projector is also available, it is located in the Boardroom.
A: FDN itself is insured with public liability insurance. Members are strongly recommended to have their own insurance coverage – e.g. employee compensation, public liability insurance and property insurance.


Finest Design Nest (FDN) is a shared and collaborative workspace.
To ensure we all enjoy a pleasant working environment, please abide by the FND house rules set out below.

Please keep noise to a minimum, as someone in close proximity may be concentrating. Please consider others in your conversations, and, if necessary, take your conversation to a photo booth, or find an spot away from others.
Our internet network is one of our shared resources. Any illegal activity through our network is absolutely forbidden. Any activity that impairs or overburdens our network may affect the quality of service to all our members. Importantly, there is no guarantee that data transfer through our network is absolutely secure, and FDN take no responsibility for this transfer. Data transfer is the responsibility of the member.
We respect your privacy, but within the common areas we have installed CCTV cameras for visual recording for security purpose. Should you wish to check the locations and visual ranges, please contact our friendly staff at reception.
After use, please wash and dry all used dishes, glasses, cups and utensils and return to original location. Place all rubbish/trash into appropriate receptacle, and thoroughly clean all surfaces. Remove all personal food and drinks from fridge overnight. FDN reserves the right to dispose of any remaining items without member’s consent. All rubbish to be removed from site by the end of the day.
Consumption of food and beverages is restricted to within the lounge area at the two round dining tables.
Under the HK Government smoking ordinance law that came into effect from 1st January 2007, smoking is banned in both public and private indoor spaces. Therefore, smoking within FDN is strictly prohibited.
Naked fire sources such as matches, lighters, candles, cigarettes, stoves, etc are prohibited In FDN due to being a fire safety hazard. Illuminated fire exit signs are visible for emergency evacuation. Please note where these exits are in case an evacuation is required. All members are expected to participate in a fire drill once a year.
FDN does not accept any claims against loss of property. Please don’t leave any of your belongings unattended. Take your personal possessions with you when you leave.
Your Member Card is the property of FDN and strictly for personal use only. Please do not hand it to anyone else. Moreover, all Member Cards are linked to FDN software for billing and access control. Members should keep their Member Cards safe. In the event of loss, please report the loss to FDN. Applying for a new card is subject to a handling charge.
Out of courtesy to other members, taking a nap, cold-calling, playing music or games in the common area is prohibited. Additionally, please remove all your personal items from your hot desk if you are socializing in the sofa areas.
Reservations are required for the Boardroom, Drawing Rooms and Workshop. Availability is on a first-come first-served basis. Please register your reservation at reception. Time allocations must be strictly adhered to. Please do not cause inconvenience to the others by overstaying your booking.
Activities such as talks, seminars, and events may be organized in the common area. Prior notice will be given to members.
Pets may cause nuisance to others, so sorry, no pets are allowed.
We care about our planet and would kindly ask everyone to be environmentally conscious as well. Where possible, please save water and electricity, and put waste in the appropriate bins for recycling. And please think of the environment when using the printer.
When you have vast amounts of paper to print or shred, please be courteous and let someone else in urgency to use the equipment first.
Be kind and show respect to other members and visitors at all times, and in all areas.
Please feel free to browse our library of magazines and other resource material. But as a courtesy to others, please do not remove from the FDN premises.
Any guests or visitors must be accompanied by a member in the FDN offices. Registration at reception is mandatory. All accompanied visitors and guests are supplied a sticker for a one-day valid pass. This can be obtained from reception. The sticker should be visibly placed for identification and worn at all times. All guests and visitors, regardless of age, are the responsibility of the member they are visiting, and must abide by the FDN house rules.
Access to FDN is restricted to those 18 years or over. Anyone under the age of 18 years old will be denied entry.
To keep the FDN space uncluttered and tidy, no posters or signage is allowed on any FDN interior and exterior windows or walls.
FDN itself is insured with public liability and own asset insurance. Members are strongly recommended to have their own insurance coverage – e.g. employee compensation, public liability insurance and property insurance.
If you would like to use our built-in kitchen appliances (e.g. coffee machine, microwaves), please ask our receptionist for guidance. Improper use may result in personal injury or serious damage to the machines. Please operate with caution.
Users of the FDN must take full responsibility in software usage. Any illegal software violating the law is unacceptable to FDN.
FDN house rules maybe changed from time to time at the discretion of FDN. If in doubt, please feel free to contact our friendly staff for assistance or clarification.