Posted on18th April 2020

「停一停 心呼吸 x 投資專家馮孝忠」

The investment market is unpredictable, how is life different?

Master Chang Lin, together with chief financial director of big business, Feng Xiaozhong, shares with you the triumph of life investment. Through this live broadcast, the two of them will provide a stable way to earn a long-term investment, rather than short-term speculation.

Mr Fung Xiaozhong, currently the chief financial director of hang kei zhao estate limited, has about years of experience in banking, capital market and asset management. Mr Feng wrote the book "Zen of life" for Buddhists at home, and also wrote a regular column in qing daily.

Live Online (FB live)
Date: April 18, 2020 (Sat) / time: 3 PM-4 PM
See you then!